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For matters involving contract law, organizational structure and negotiations between businesses, our commercial lawyers work to achieve the best possible outcome for sole proprietorships and partnerships.

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Almon, Sarah M. Saint John
Andrews, Colin St. John's
Aske, Rob Halifax
Badawi, Ibrahim Halifax
Baker, Ryan Halifax
Bata, Adam Halifax
Blackmore, Sydney St. John's
Brodeur, Gabriel D. St. John's
Bugden, Lydia Halifax
Bungay, Kimberly Halifax
Burke, Andrew Halifax
Bursey, Mark Halifax
Caines, QC, George Halifax
Cameron, Donald Charlottetown
Cameron, Hugh Fredericton
Campbell, QC, Spencer Charlottetown
Carpenter, Janet St. John's
Chiasson, QC, Maurice Halifax
Connolly, QC, P.Eng., Geoffrey Charlottetown
Couture, Alexis V. Moncton
Cowan, QC, The Honourable James Halifax
Cruickshank, Jim Halifax
Dale, Jonathan St. John's
Dexter, QC, Rob Halifax
Dickson, QC, P.Eng., James M. Halifax
Dysart, QC, J. E. Britt Fredericton
Elsliger, Luc Moncton
Emery, Kirk Halifax
English, Lee St. John's
Freeman, QC, Lawrence Halifax
Grant, QC, Bruce St. John's
Harding, Gregory Saint John
Hartlen, Kyle Halifax
Henderson, Lauren Saint John
Hewitt, Justin St. John's
Hirsch, Richard Halifax
Jacobs, QC, Neil St. John's
Jan, Sadira Halifax
Keefe, ICD.D, Ron Charlottetown
Kiley, Paul Charlottetown
Laughlin, Thomas Charlottetown
Leard, Neal L. D. Saint John
LeBlanc, Catherine Moncton
LeBlanc Hultberg, Julie Moncton
Leighton, Kathleen Halifax
MacDonald, Trevor Halifax
MacFadyen, D. Fraser Halifax
MacKeigan, QC, Robert G. Halifax
MacKenzie, Daniel Halifax
MacLeod, Deanne Halifax
MacQuarrie, QC, Thomas Halifax
Marr, Christopher Saint John
Marsman, Melisa Halifax
Mathews, QC, Douglas Halifax
Matthews, QC, Timothy Halifax
McCarthy, Allison Fredericton
McCullogh, QC, Kenneth Saint John
McCumber, P.Eng., Brent Saint John
McElman, CM, QC, Frederick Fredericton
McFarlane, QC, John Halifax
McIsaac, Christena Halifax
McMackin, Andrew Saint John
McMackin, QC, Gerald Saint John
Moore, QC, John Halifax
Morgan, Allan Fredericton
Morrison, Perlene Charlottetown
Murphy, James Saint John
Murphy, Jennifer Halifax
Newell, Matthew Halifax
Niedermayer, TEP, Richard Halifax
Norman, Susan St. John's
Pike, Scott Halifax
Poirier, Mathieu Moncton
Pound, Christine Halifax
Reagh, Charles Halifax
Reardon, Marc Halifax
Reid, Twila St. John's
Russon, Nicholas Fredericton
Ryan, Dennis St. John's
Ryan, Maureen St. John's
Saunders, Paul Halifax
Schindeler, Todd Halifax
Shakespeare, Andrea Halifax
Sheppard, Bill St. John's
Smith, Paul Saint John
Smith, QC, Barbara E. Charlottetown
Staniland, Tauna St. John's
Stewart, QC, David Halifax
Stordy, QC, Lawrence Halifax
Sutherland, Ian Halifax
Tabor, QC, Brian Halifax
Thomas, QC, Candace Halifax
Thomson, Koren St. John's
Thorne, Joe St. John's
Travers, QC, James Charlottetown
Waberski, Alanna Saint John
Wallace, Ian St. John's
Winter, Stephen St. John's
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