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If you find yourself in a lawsuit, you’ll need an experienced litigator and skilled litigation support. Stewart McKelvey lawyers take a business-like approach to litigation and consider all possibilities for an alternative dispute resolution. Our lawyers have successfully represented regional, national and international clients. Work includes:

• Corporate banking
• Securities
• Bankruptcy
• Municipal law
• Environmental law
• Construction
• Product liability
• Insurance
• Tax and intellectual property issues 

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Andrews, QC, Lewis St. John's
Ayers, Giles St. John's
Barry, Scott Charlottetown
Barry, QC, Art Halifax
Bassan, Daniela Halifax
Bell, Timothy Moncton
Belliveau, Tessa Moncton
Bennett, Clarence Saint John
Bennett-Clayton, Karen Halifax
Benson, Cynthia Saint John
Best, Erin St. John's
Boone, QC, Dan St. John's
Cameron, Donald Charlottetown
Cameron, Hugh Fredericton
Campbell, Scott Halifax
Campbell, QC, Spencer Charlottetown
Caplan, Tyana R. Halifax
Carpenter, Janet St. John's
Carpenter, CPHR, Stephen Charlottetown
Chai, Michelle Halifax
Chiasson, QC, Maurice Halifax
Clark, CPHR, Janet Charlottetown
Coady, Jonathan Charlottetown
Conlon, QC, Sheree Halifax
Connolly, QC, P.Eng., Geoffrey Charlottetown
Coxworthy, Paul St. John's
Dale, Jonathan St. John's
Dever Letson, Sarah Saint John
Dillon, Robert St. John's
Downie, Adam Halifax
Dysart, Robert Moncton
Elsliger, Luc Moncton
Festeryga, QC, Paul Halifax
Fontaine, Renée M. Moncton
Foster, Hilary Charlottetown
Fraser, J. Andrew Halifax
Gomez, Chera-Lee Charlottetown
Grant, QC, Robert Halifax
Gray, Annie Halifax
Greenough, Lara Fredericton
Harding, Danielle Fredericton
Harquail, ACIArb, J. Paul M. Saint John
Hutchison, QC, Steve Saint John
Kelly, Sean Halifax
La Forest, C.C., QC, Gérard Fredericton
Lahey, QC, Cathy Saint John
Lanctôt, Sheila Fredericton
Laughlin, QC, Thomas Charlottetown
LeBlanc, Catherine Moncton
LeBlanc Hultberg, Julie Moncton
LeBlond, QC, Charles Moncton
Lewis, Christopher St. John's
MacDonald, Sophie Charlottetown
Machum, G. Grant Halifax
Machum, QC, ICD.D, Geoffrey Halifax
MacIsaac, Michael Halifax
MacPherson, Jennifer Charlottetown
Madill, Christopher Halifax
Marks, Josie Moncton
Marshall, Kate Halifax
McCaw, Meaghan St. John's
McCormick, QC, Carman G. Halifax
McCullogh, QC, Kenneth Saint John
McElman, CM, QC, Frederick Fredericton
McEwan, Tipper Halifax
McParland, Killian Halifax
Miller, QC, David Halifax
Moores, Greg St. John's
Morgan, Allan Fredericton
Morisset, Sacha Moncton
Norman, Susan St. John's
Norton, QC, Scott Halifax
O'Kane, Jon Saint John
Parent, Julia Saint John
Parker, Jeff Saint John
Paton, Vanessa Saint John
Penney, Stephen St. John's
Piercey, Colin Halifax
Reid, Twila St. John's
Richard, QC, André G. Moncton
Rogers, QC, Rory Halifax
Rogers, QC, ICD.D, John Halifax
Rubin, QC, Nancy Halifax
Russon, Nicholas Fredericton
Ryan, QC, Mick Halifax
Scott, P.Eng., Sara Halifax
Seviour, Colm St. Roch St. John's
Shanks, John Halifax
Sivapalan, Vasu Saint John
Smith, QC, Harold St. John's
Stewart, Christopher Moncton
Sullivan, Chad Fredericton
Tector, Mark Halifax
Thomson, Koren St. John's
Thorne, Joe St. John's
Toner, Katherine Fredericton
Trafford, Brittany Fredericton
Trask, Ruth St. John's
Vincent, QC, Robert Saint John
Wallace, Ian St. John's
Walsh, Kim St. John's
Walsh, Margaret Anne Charlottetown
Watson, Jamie Saint John
Waugh, Jeff Halifax
Whelan, Allison St. John's
Whitehead, Amanda St. John's
Winter, Stephen St. John's
Wood, Shelley A. Halifax
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