: Our People


"There is a sense of loyalty to this firm that abounds – loyalty to the firm itself, but also to each other.  And that makes everyone want to do a good job.  Employees are treated as people first and the firm has done a tremendous job of supporting people through their challenges, both professional and personal.  Being in HR, I have seen countless demonstrations of concern and consideration that go above and beyond."

Angela, Manager Compensation & Benefits, 21 years

"You will work hard but laugh harder. It is professional, leading edge, interesting, surrounded by some of the brightest and nicest people you will ever meet at all levels. I feel I can speak, seek advice and guidance with anyone about anything. Activities like the staff retreat, show the firm cares about my morale and growth. What I like most about working here is the work, the people, the continuous learning."

Charlene, Executive Assistant, 4.5 years

"I like working here because I enjoy a sense of job satisfaction and knowing that I make a significant contribution to the work of the firm. I feel empowered almost every day when I have to make an executive decision that will have serious results and consequences. I am happy to be a part of a functional team. I enjoy working with people, sharing tasks and successes. I get to do that at Stewart McKelvey."

Chris, Legal Assistant, 8 months

"The most appealing aspect of working at Stewart McKelvey for me is the opportunity to be part of a team who serves a large variety of clients with various legal matters.  If there is a problem to solve, you have endless support from the entire team at Stewart McKelvey.  From partners to support staff you have a wealth of knowledge to draw from.  The management team is easily approachable. They make every effort to accommodate your needs and empower you to get the job done."

              Pam, File Clerk, 2 years

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