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In all areas of business Stewart McKelvey's experienced lawyers provide advice to a wide variety of organizations from small businesses to enterprises. We work on a broad range of issues including complex domestic, cross border and multi-jurisdictional transactions. In business matters we always have the client’s business goals in mind.

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Badawi, Ibrahim Halifax
Bata, Adam Halifax
Bursey, Mark Halifax
Caines, QC, George Halifax
Cameron, Hugh Fredericton
Campbell, QC, Spencer Charlottetown
Connolly, QC, P.Eng., Geoffrey Charlottetown
Cowan, QC, The Honourable James Halifax
Cruickshank, Jim Halifax
Dysart, QC, J. E. Britt Fredericton
Elsliger, Luc Moncton
Festeryga, QC, Paul Halifax
Francis, Burtley Halifax
Grant, Nick Halifax
Grant, QC, Bruce St. John's
Hartlen, Kyle Halifax
Jacobs, QC, Neil St. John's
Jan, Sadira Halifax
Kiley, Paul Charlottetown
Landry, Kevin Halifax
MacKeigan, QC, Robert G. Halifax
MacLeod, Deanne Halifax
Marr, TEP, Christopher Saint John
McCarthy, Allison Fredericton
McFarlane, QC, John Halifax
McMackin, Andrew Saint John
McMackin, QC, Gerald Saint John
Milne, Justin Charlottetown
Murphy, James Saint John
Niedermayer, TEP, Richard Halifax
Norman, Susan St. John's
Poirier, Mathieu Moncton
Pound, Christine Halifax
Ryan, QC, Maureen St. John's
Shakespeare, Andrea Halifax
Smith, QC, Barbara E. Charlottetown
Staniland, Tauna St. John's
Stuttard, Gavin Halifax
Thomas, QC, Candace Halifax
Travers, QC, James Charlottetown
Waberski, Alanna Saint John
Walsh, Kim St. John's
Whitney, Ben Saint John
Winter, Stephen St. John's
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