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At Stewart McKelvey, we have a strong team of lawyers who have extensive experience providing a broad range of legal services to clients in the education sector. We’re able to efficiently and effectively navigate the complex legal, regulatory and operational environments in which educational institutions often operate. Members of our education group have worked in a number of different areas within this sector, including student discipline, intellectual property for universities, contracts, labour and employment, privacy, insurance and risk management and avoidance. We’ve worked with clients at school boards, community colleges and universities, and we have experience with the following:
  • Reviewing, revising and drafting a wide variety of contracts;
  • Advising on board governance issues;
  • Representing various institutions (both at a school board and post-secondary level) at all stages of the discipline process, from procedural advice to appearing before internal tribunals, as well as judicial review;
  • Advising on human rights and accommodation issues relating to both employees and students;
  • Developing and reviewing human rights policies, as well as the design and delivery of training programs;
  • Acting as chief negotiator through the collective bargaining process for faculty and staff; and,
  • Advising and representing various institutions with respect to privacy and access to information matters.

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