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: Intellectual Property


We help our clients build and protect their intellectual property, under copyright, trademark, trade secret and other aspects of IP, including:


  • Protection of copyright including registrations in Canada and elsewhere;
  • Licensing, assignments and other contracts dealing with copyright;
  • Due diligence in respect of transactions affected by copyright and other IP;
  • Infringement claims and litigation, and advise and opinions regarding potential claims;
  • Opinions on chain of title/ownership, including to close financing transactions;
  • Rights clearance and content review.


  • Trademark searches to determine availability;
  • Trademark applications (inside and outside Canada through our connections with international counsel);
  • Oppositions (to trademark applications);
  • Trademark infringement and passing-off claims;
  • Expungement proceedings;
  • Trademark licensing;
  • Trademark portfolio strategy;
  • Domain names.

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  • Patent licensing and other patent related contracts;
  • Patent prosecution (using patent agents and lawyers in other national and international firms).

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