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For assistance in your real estate transactions and property development work trust our experienced lawyers to provide advice on all aspects of real property transactions including land acquisitions, site assembly, dispositions, financing structures and negotiations, joint ventures, partnerships, syndications, initial lease-ups, REITs, and condominium work. We ensure effective legal representation when dealing with our region’s top developers, owners, investors and financial institutions.

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Baker, Ryan Halifax
Barry, Scott Charlottetown
Best, Erin St. John's
Bilek, Ian Halifax
Caines, QC, George Halifax
Cameron, Hugh Fredericton
Connolly, QC, P.Eng., Geoffrey Charlottetown
Couture, Alexis V. Moncton
Dysart, QC, J. E. Britt Fredericton
Elsliger, Luc Moncton
Foster, Hilary Charlottetown
Fulton, Kristen Saint John
Gates, Nathan Halifax
Gomez, Chera-Lee Charlottetown
Grant, QC, Bruce St. John's
Grant, QC, Robert Halifax
Haldane, Elizabeth Halifax
Henderson, Lauren Saint John
Hewitt, Justin St. John's
Jacobs, QC, Neil St. John's
Jones, Laurie Halifax
Kiley, Paul Charlottetown
Leard, Neal L. D. Saint John
MacFadyen, D. Fraser Halifax
MacKeigan, QC, Robert G. Halifax
MacLeod, Deanne Halifax
MacPherson, Jennifer Charlottetown
Marr, TEP, Christopher Saint John
Matthews, QC, Timothy Halifax
McCarthy, Allison Fredericton
McCormick, Simon Halifax
McFarlane, QC, John Halifax
McMackin, Andrew Saint John
Moore, QC, John Halifax
Morrison, Perlene Charlottetown
Murphy, James Saint John
Newell, Matthew Halifax
Pike, Scott Halifax
Poirier, Mathieu Moncton
Rubin, QC, Nancy Halifax
Ryan, Dennis St. John's
Ryan, QC, Maureen St. John's
Smith, QC, Barbara E. Charlottetown
Sutherland, Ian Halifax
Tabor, QC, Brian Halifax
Travers, QC, James Charlottetown
Wallace, Ian St. John's
Walsh, Margaret Anne Charlottetown
White, Chris Charlottetown
Whitney, Ben Saint John
Yu, Chenchen Halifax
Zdebiak, Rodney St. John's
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