: Development

Your talent and passion will lead us to greater success. Our environment fosters the growth and development of our employees. 

From your first day throughout your career you will be provided with learning opportunities to further enhance your skills. Mentoring, stretch assignments, internal career opportunities, committee membership and formal training are all methods available to you to ensure your career is moving in the direction you want it to. 

Education Assistance

Our Educational Assistance policy supports employees who wish to pursue approved educational opportunities that will enhance their job performance capabilities and improved their career advancement opportunities within the firm.

Online learning

Our online learning program offers a self paced method for further advancing your skills in a variety of areas.

With eight diverse departments your opportunities are endless. Your career path might lead you from Legal to Finance to Marketing. Wherever it leads you we will support you in getting there.


“With the benefit of prior experience at a law firm as a comparison, I’ve been particularly impressed with the technological tools and people support available to me – it simply demonstrates the priority and value that Stewart McKelvey places upon my work and the contribution I can make to the organization.”

Lucy – Halifax, NS

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