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Providing Corporate Legal Services to Atlantic Canada

Our Corporate Services Department assists companies and other entities in maintaining legal compliance with filing and registration requirements throughout Atlantic Canada and in undertaking other routine corporate and commercial legal tasks.

Based in all four Atlantic Provinces, our Corporate Services Department works in an effective and cost efficient manner with law firms, companies and company law departments from across Canada and around the world.

Provincial and CBCA Corporations

Our Corporate Services Department assists our lawyers with a variety of routine corporate matters, including:

  • incorporations, organizations and reporting letters
  • annual maintenance, including annual general meetings and registration renewals
  • amalgamations, continuances and dissolutions
  • maintenance of basic corporate precedents and forms
  • maintenance of minute book and corporate seal libraries for Atlantic Canadian and CBCA companies

Extra-Provincial Registrations

Our Corporate Services Department provides "one-stop shopping" for extra-provincial company registrations in Atlantic Canada. One phone call can begin the process of registering your client's business in all four Atlantic Provinces. Corporate Services personnel will also handle your extra-provincial partnership and business name registrations. All annual registration renewals are coordinated directly by our Corporate Services Department.

Due Diligence Searches

Our Corporate Services Department performs and coordinates routine due diligence searches, including:
  • corporate status, history and profile
  • certificates of status/good standing/compliance
  • certified copies of registered documents
  • PPSA searches and registrations
  • bankruptcy and insolvency searches
  • litigation and execution searches

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