: Articled clerk Laura Rhodes co-authors research paper with Kenneth Scott

November 27, 2014

Halifax-based articled clerk Laura Rhodes co-authored a research paper with Kenneth Scott, former Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Department of Justice, entitled Corporate Social Responsibility and the Responsibility to Protect: Corporate Liability for International Crimes. The report, an initiative of the One Earth Future Foundation's R2P (Responsibility to Protect) and Business Project, addresses the rapidly changing regulatory landscape for companies operating in conflict zones and the concept of legal persons' obligations under the doctrine of corporate responsibility.

Building on the ideas outlined in the report, Laura's co-author, in his role as Amicus Curiae Prosecutor, and his legal team convinced the Appeals Panel of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, that no language in the Tribunal's inherent contempt power limits "person" to natural persons. As a result of this finding, a contempt change was issued against a Lebanese media corporation (STL-14-05/PT/AP/AR126.1), in what was the first time an international criminal court charged a corporation (or legal person) as would a natural person have been charged.

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