: Associate Alison Strachan quoted in Canadian Lawyer Magazine

December 5, 2014

Halifax labour and employment lawyer Alison Strachan was quoted in a Canadian Lawyer Magazine article entitled, "Unsportsmanlike behaviour" by Ava Chisling. This piece outlines what role an employer should play in their employees conduct outside of work and whether off-duty comments or actions can constitute a just cause termination.

Within this article, Alison notes that, "just cause doesn't allow the employer to impose his or her morals onto the employees - only when those morals would affect the employer in some way." She provides two examples of cases in which actions and comments made outside of the workplace resulted in just cause termination, Kelly v. Linamar Corp. and United Steelworkers of America, Local 9548 v. Tenaris Algoma Tubes Inc. Alison suggests that a change can be seen in the way employers look at their work environment, as the overwhelming popularity of social media can make it challenging to establish a public/private line.

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