: Halifax partner Nancy Rubin, QC, sits down with CTV Atlantic to discuss the ramifications of posting intimate photos online

September 23, 2016

In a recent interview, partner Nancy Rubin, QC, spoke with CTV Atlantic anchor Bruce Frisko to discuss sharing intimate images, and what can be done when they become public.

When asked what she thought of a recent  event that saw private photos being posted on a public website, Nancy said that it doesn't surprise her, as these kinds of situations are becoming increasingly common. With the internet changing the landscape of photo sharing drastically, it's important for individuals to know what the next best steps are to having inappropriate images removed and taking legal recourse. Apart from new Criminal Code provisions Nancy discussed a recent civil action, earlier this year in Ontario, in which a young woman was awarded cumulative damages of $100,000, noting, "there has been a growing recognition of privacy rights and with that intersection with technology, we may well see this extending out into other provinces."

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