: Incoming articled clerk Ria Guidone writes about the importance of feminism in the practice of law for the Weldon Times

April 11, 2017

Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law student Ria Guidone wrote an article in the student-run newspaper the Weldon Times recently, which serves as a reminder that feminism is needed in the legal profession. While at a regional trial advocacy moot competition in 2016, Ria received feedback from an experienced litigator which told her to, "try and warm up, try and smile a little." After taking some time to reflect on the situation, Ria spoke to those around her: "the men I spoke to rallied behind me, while the women opened up and shared their own experiences." Ria has taken that experience and uses it to show herself, and others, that they are not alone. She wrote, "almost a year has passed and I have come to realize what the truly invaluable lesson in that experience was: although the old guard still exists, our world is ever-changing and we must continue to build community by sharing our stories."

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