: Lexpert names Fifty-Nine Stewart McKelvey Lawyers as Leaders in their Field

July 5, 2010

Stewart McKelvey would like to congratulate the members of the firm who were recognized as leading practitioners in their respective areas of law in the 2010 Canadian Lexpert Legal Directory

The annual Lexpert guide identifies leading law firms and lawyers across Canada in a range of areas of law based on input from informed users and observers of the provision of legal services.

The directory also recognized Stewart McKelvey as having the leading practice in the areas of both Litigation and Corporate law in Halifax.

"It's rewarding to see the years of dedication to clients and the profession by our colleagues and to be acknowledged by their peer group," said John Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Stewart McKelvey.  "As a firm, we are honoured to have so many of our lawyers included as leading practitioners in their respective fields."

The lawyers identified in the directory are listed below:

Lewis Andrews, Q.C.
Art Barry, Q.C.
Dan Boone
James Chipman, Q.C.
William Goss, Q.C. 
Brian Johnston, Q.C.
Charles LeBlond, Q.C.
James LeMesurier
Geoffrey Machum, Q.C.
Grant Machum
Carman McCormick, Q.C.
Peter McLellan, Q.C.
David Miller, Q.C.
William Moreira, Q.C.
Nancy Murray, Q.C. 
Murray Murphy
Scott Norton, Q.C.
Gordon Petrie, Q.C.
Richard Petrie
André Richard, Q.C.
Nancy Rubin  
William Ryan, Q.C.
Rosemary Scott, Q.C.
Colm Seviour
Harold Smith, Q.C.
Richard Southcott
Cecily Strickland

Hayward Aiton, Q.C.
Daniela Bassan
Keith Boswell, Q.C.
Lydia Bugden
Lynne Burnham, Q.C.
Mark Bursey
George Caines, Q.C.
Maurice Chiasson, Q.C.
Paul Festeryga
Rodney Gould
Bruce Grant, Q.C.
Robert Grant, Q.C. 
Richard Jones, Q.C.
Peter Klohn 
Fraser MacFadyen
Douglas Mathews, Q.C.
Timothy Matthews, Q.C.
Allison McCarthy
Kenneth McCullogh, Q.C.
Frederick McElman, C.M., Q.C.
John McFarlane, Q.C.
Gerry McMackin, Q.C.
James Murphy
Richard Niedermayer
John Eric Pöllabauer
Charles Reagh
Maureen Ryan
Paul Smith
Darrell Stephenson
Larry Stordy
Brian Tabor, Q.C.
James Travers, Q.C.

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