: Paul Saunders explains the Agile methods that may be less effective for law firms & legal departments

November 25, 2016

In part one of the LegalBizDev guest blog article by practice innovation partner Paul Saunders, he reviewed some of the Agile concepts that may be beneficial for legal teams. For this part two, Paul outlines some concepts that may not be as easily transferable to legal teams  along with other practical tips.

When beginning the Agile process, Paul notes that it may be better to not use the terminology associated with this, such as 'Kanban', 'Retrospective' and 'Scrum Master', as this can have individuals feeling overwhelmed and confused at the onset. Due to the ongoing nature of legal work, doing what's called an 'Agile sprint' may not be necessary - a process where specific tasks must be done and objectives must be met over a limited period of time. Paul suggests that organizations look at the standard tools typically used, and adapt to work for them - "we've found that starting with the core ideas in their simplest form is the most effective way to get that buy-in early on while also being flexible to pivot to other ideas as needed."

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