: Peter McLellan, QC, interviewed for Canadian Labour Reporter article on new health merger legislation

March 10, 2015

Halifax partner Peter McLellan, QC, has been quoted in the Canadian Labour Reporter article, "N.S. tackles new legislation in health merger", by Liz Foster.

In this piece, Peter states that the decision made by health minister Leo Glavine to create additional legislation to assist in determining union representatives for the Health Authorities Act, is a unique one. He explains, "The prospect of new legislation here is most unique because the arbitrator that was agreed to by the parties under the legislation to attempt to mediate... created a couple of unexpected and perhaps unsupportable conclusions." The four Nova Scotia unions want to challenge Bill 1 under the freedom of association rights clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and while both sides have a lot to say, Peter believes that the controversy around this legislation is creating some misinformation.

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