: Putting the Smart in SmartNet, with practice innovation partner Paul Saunders

October 24, 2016

For the fall edition of Peer to Peer Magazine, the International Legal Technology Association featured a case study written by practice innovation partner Paul Saunders, who outlined the recently released SmartNet portal for Stewart McKelvey.

Paul explains the various processes and tools used to relaunch the firm intranet. They worked with an internal team to research key elements, prior to commencing development: how lawyers and staff worked, how they consumed and shared information, which content they needed instant access to and how this information could be presented in the most efficient way. The team determined that the three main challenges to the existing intranet site was outdated software, excess digital noise and an inconsistent user experience. Once the team determined a strategy to solve these issues, they turned to technology. Throughout the creative process, Paul notes in this piece that their main mission was to use a Lean management and Agile development approach, where the voices of their users and their underlying needs drive innovation.

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