: Richard Niedermayer, TEP, quoted in Advisor's Edge on how to address multiple wills

March 8, 2016

Halifax partner Richard Niedermayer, TEP, was recently interviewed by author James Dolan for an article featured in the March 2016 edition of Advisor's Edge, What if it wasn't the last will?

In this piece, Richard explains what the best practice would be if a beneficiary came forward with a newer will than the one being used by an executor. Although an uncommon situation, Richard advises that the executor should be calm and think strategically, and not simply assume which document is the appropriate one to use, as that will ultimately be decided by a judge. "The responsibility on the executor is to get that good advice. If there's any legitimate question about [the will], presumably the estate's solicitor will give them advice and say, 'I don't know - it's possible. Let's put it before the court and see what the court says,'" Richard states.

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