: Richard Niedermayer, TEP, quoted in Canadian Lawyer article on building business relationships with families

July 21, 2015

In the July 2015 edition of Canadian Lawyer, Halifax partner Richard Niedermayer, TEP, is featured in donalee Moulton's piece, All in the family.

This article outlines some ways that lawyers can ensure the family members of their original client continue to see them as a trusted adviser who can be in charge of their legal matters. Richard suggests that there are two steps that need to be taken in order to make this happen: "start by building a trusted adviser relationship with generation one. That is typically the first entrance. Going forward, bring in other generations for continuity. You want to manage the family on an ongoing basis." He also states that an important part of creating such relationships is to find conversations that other members of the family can be involved in - these open discussions avoid disputes and help build trust.

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