: Atlantic Insurance Counsel - Fall 2010

October 25, 2010

In this issue

New Brunswick Court of Appeal Confirms Plaintiffs May Be Required to Submit to Both a “Physical” and “Mental” Defence Medical Examination

Proposed Changes to Prince Edward Island Rules Signal the Arrival of Advance Payments and Potential Increase in Summary Judgment Proceedings

Recording of Defence Medical Exams is the Exception and Not the Rule – At Least for Now

Jury’s Award of Punitive Damages against Insurer Upheld on Appeal

Deductibility of Past and Future CPP Benefits

Section D: From Last to First Resort?

Supreme Court of Canada Denies Leave to Appeal in Nova Scotia Cap Case

A Triumvirate of Guidelines: Update on Nova Scotia’s Minor Injury Legislation

Awards for Loss of Income in Nova Scotia in the Wake of Bill 52

Injuries Suffered During the Pursuit of Higher Education Which Delayed Entry into the Workforce Result in Damages for Loss of Future Earning Capacity

Medical Professionals and Standard of Care Revisited

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