: Articled clerk Ria Guidone discusses sexism in the profession with Canadian Lawyer

August 9, 2017

After receiving such feedback as, "try and smile a little" and "...seduce the court" from a male advocate at a national moot trial, articled clerk Ria Guidone was left wondering what to do next. She first wrote about this experience in the Weldon Times article, Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, and recently sat down with donalee Moulton of Canadian Lawyer to continue the discussion on sexism in the legal profession. "This was an important lesson for me," Ria notes, "I don't want to judge him, but we have to be careful about what we say before we say it. There are inherent biases and perceptions." While challenging, this experience taught Ria things that she will carry through her career and beyond; namely the significance of continuing the conversation about sexism and gender in the legal community.

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