: "Don't be afraid to be bold in your thinking": Lydia Bugden discusses her road to becoming chief executive officer & managing partner

October 31, 2016

Following the creation of a firm ad for Atlantic Business Magazine, local business Better Left Said was inspired by CEO & managing partner Lydia Bugden's advice, "Don't be afraid to be bold in your thinking." Artist Sam Shannon sat down with Lydia recently for the Speak & Share Series, to hear the story behind her words of wisdom.

Lydia offered this particular piece of advice to her 16 year old self, as part of a video created in collaboration with the firm's role as presenting sponsor of the Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia Business Hall of Fame gala. She goes on to explain the steps she took through her career to be where she is today: "When I think about the path that I took to get here, some of it was just pure luck, but I think some of it was having a little bit of spirit and spunk, and taking some adventures along the way. That's certainly what I think of when I use the word 'bold'," she says.

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