: Karen Bennett-Clayton quoted in Lexpert article on diversity in law

August 17, 2017

Halifax partner, and co-chair of the Stewart McKelvey students committee, Karen Bennett-Clayton spoke with Lexpert Magazine's Sandra Rubin about the ongoing diversity efforts made by the Firm, particularly in the area of student recruitment.

Stewart McKelvey is committed to diversity and inclusion, with Karen noting that it's "at the top of our agenda when it comes to recruiting." Earlier this year, the Firm endowed scholarships to the University of New Brunswick to promote and encourage diversity among the entering class, and currently participates in the Ku'TawTinu: Shared Articling Initiative, in partnership with the Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law's Indigenous Black and Mi'kmaq Initative and the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society. Karen knows that obtaining equity must occur at many levels, and cannot be done overnight: "You're recruiting from law schools and the law schools have to bring the students into the school first, then they have to be attracted to your firm to apply," she said.

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