: Paul Saunders reviews the benefits of using Scrum on the LegalBizDev blog

October 14, 2016

Practice innovation partner Paul Saunders looked at the Agile management technique Scrum for his most recent article on the LegalBizDev blog.

This piece, adapted from an article within the Legal Project Management Quick Reference Guide, outlines how Scrum works and how it can be used to assist legal departments and firms in increasing efficiency and minimizing waste. Acting as a framework for teams to organize themselves and their projects, Scrum focuses on short status updates and meetings that lead to better collaboration and breakdown of tasks. Paul notes that, "Scrum can be seen as a laboratory in which a law firm applies the scientific method. If a series of steps has not worked and you haven't made progress, it will quickly reveal the lessons learned and let you modify your plan to find a new series of steps."

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