: Tracking legal progress with Kanban, as discussed by practice innovation partner Paul Saunders

September 27, 2016

In a recent blog post for LegalBizDev, Paul Saunders outlined how the management tool Kanban can be used in legal departments or firms to increase efficiency and decrease waste.

Through charting the stages of each case by placing cards on a physical or virtual whiteboard, Kanban allows both lawyers and clients to see the progress being made and the next best steps. Paul notes that one of the most significant features of Kanban is the flexibility of it: "rather than having to periodically overhaul detailed project plans and realign tasks when change inevitably occurs, team members can simply reorganize the cards on the board."

Halifax partner Patti Mitchell, who acts as the lead lawyer for many insurance defence matters, was a leader in testing the Kanban methods for legal matter management. The goal was to move matters along faster, while improving on deliverables for clients. The pilot project proved to be successful, with Patti noting that, "the process fosters a sense of teamwork and personal responsibility that results in improved service for the clients."

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